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  Weapons Charges

All weapons charges or weapons crimes follow some standard of intent, though this standard varies. The most common is "strict liability," meaning that there is no requirement of intent whatsoever: Merely being caught by law enforcement with the weapon or weapons in question under the circumstances described in the law (possession, concealed, or open) is a crime in and of itself and can bring about weapons charges, with almost no possible defense other than proving the item is not an illegal weapon or weapons within the law's definition. Some laws allow the accused a defense to the charge that the item in question was going to be used for a specific set of lawful purposes, such as one's occupation (examples are sets of knives carried by a line cook en route to his job, or tools carried by a construction worker or craftsman). In this case, the burden of proof is often placed on the accused, requiring them to prove their lawful intent in court.

Other laws require proof of specific intent to commit a criminal act by the accused, thereby placing the burden on the state to produce evidence that the weapon or weapons was possessed with some unlawful purpose (such as an attempted homicide, robbery, or assault). The circumstances under which law enforcement discover the weapon or weapons often play a strong role in this.  wiki

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