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DUI Charges

If you have been charged with a DWI, give us a call! We will use our knowledge and experience to determine if there is an argument for your case to be dismissed or to try to get evidence suppressed. You need an aggressive lawyer that will fight for you. We provide a free ½ hour consultation, so give us a call today for a DUI Lawyer Charlotte NC!

An experienced attorney can help you keep your license

Charlotte DUI Attorney - Those charged with DUI and DWI offenses face penalties including license suspension, license revocation, jail time, probation and huge fines. However a DUI Lawyer Charlotte NC may be able to minimize or avoided these altogether when your case is handled by a skilled criminal lawyer.

Getting pulled over:

We will carefully investigate the situation that led to your arrest. Police officers look for specific driving behaviors when making DUI stops, but these behaviors do not always indicate that a driver is intoxicated. There could be another reason why your driving appeared to be erratic. It is the officers word against yours, and the officer's opinion of what is erratic driving might not be that erratic at all. Our Charlotte DUI Attorney will make sure that the officer who stopped you had a valid reason for pulling you over, If not we will try to get the case dismissed.

Field sobriety tests:

These tests are not always conclusive and are usually always disputed. There are very few tests for intoxication that are backed with any scientific proof. We will determine whether the tests used to confirm your alleged intoxication were valid.

Breathalyzer test:

Only qualified officers can administer a breathalyzer test during a DUI stop. Any test results gained from an officer that is not qualified will be invalid in court. There are a multitude of procedures that an officer must follow to provide valid evidence against you. In some cases the breathalyzer machine itself can be put into question. These machines are supposed to undergo maintenance regularly, if the breathalyzer used for your DUI case was not up to date with its maintenance then the results can be invalid in court.

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