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Drug Charges Lawyer Charlotte NC

We have vast experience representing clients charged with drug offenses. Rather it is in federal court or state court our experienced Mecklenburg County Drug Charges lawyers have represented hundreds of clients with a very high success rate in getting the charges dropped or reduced.

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Drug Crimes Defense

Our lawyers defend people charged with:

Our focus and motivation is helping our clients. We dig deep into the case and explore what may make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. We search for ways to get the person charged with a drug crime out on bond. We will determine factors such as what the sentencing circumstances are and use them to our clients advantage. We have highly skilled Charlotte Drug Case Attorney experts that can strengthening your defense and are ready to fight for you.

With drug crimes your assets can be confiscated such as your vehicle, money, and many other items. With the help of our highly qualified lawyers, we can help you recover all of your assets. Please contac tus to find out more about how we can help with any asset forfeitures.

Treating you with respect!

The court system can be very unforgiving, people who are charged with drug crimes can feel as if their humanity has been stripped away from them. We will make the court see you as a person who deserves respect, that you are a person with a family, spouses and friends. We wont let the courts walk over you.

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